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Beforeufly is a website to guide you to buy the best travel insurance and be safe while you fly to any destination across the world. With the best travel insurance you don't have to worry about anything and you can enjoy your trip tension free.

It is quite common among travelers to lose their baggage while traveling. Perhaps, that's why losing the baggage is the number one concern among travelers. Your baggage may also get delayed in arriving at your destination. The good news is, your baggage is already covered by the airline. The bad news is, the baggage liability limit offered by them is not substantial enough to cover the losses. Moreover, the the cover offered by the airline covers the baggage only if it gets lost/stolen at the airport., a baggage coverage on the other hand covers it throughout the trip. It covers you if your baggage gets lost, delayed or stolen.

The way to go about it is simple. You need to make a claim on the missing items. It'll be better if you can give your insurer the original bill receipts for the missing items. Also, if your bag is stolen, you need to report it to the police. It'll facilitate the claim. There's a specific upper cap on specific items such as jewelry, electronics and business documents.

Baggage delay coverage

Baggage delay coverage provides the insured a fixed amount of money until his/her baggage is located and returned to him/her. The paid out amount lets the insured to buy the essential personal items to help him get through in the meanwhile. The important thing to note here is that the cover becomes active only after the delay is stretched to a specific number of hours which can be anywhere between 4 and 8 hours.

Travel Insurance Cover for Lost Baggage

Simply put, baggage cover provides a compensation to the insured if he loses his baggage or some of its contents. Baggage insurance plans can be personalized to extend the cover to your valuable personal and business valuables such as laptop. Getting a lost baggage cover becomes all the more important if you plan to go a country with a high theft rate.

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