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Beforeufly is a website to guide you to buy the best travel insurance and be safe while you fly to any destination across the world. With the best travel insurance you don't have to worry about anything and you can enjoy your trip tension free.

Imagine you are trekking in mountains or camping in a desert when a medical emergency strikes. In such situations you might need a personal helicopter or air ambulance to get to the nearest care center. But to bear the whopping expenses will not be easy until you are insured.

The high medical cost is one single reason that can weigh over all other reasons combined in realizing the importance of travel insurance. A medical emergency abroad can cost you a fortune. It's far better to be a little proactive and get an insurance before you set off on your trip.

People are often confused why to get a travel insurance cover for medical emergencies when they are already covered under a health insurance plan. Well, because of three reasons:

  • The fact is that your health insurance covers you within the confines of your own country. On the other hand, a travel insurance cover for medical emergencies protects you, no matter at which corner of the world you are.

  • Even if your health insurance plan covers you abroad, it might not have a wide network of participant hospitals in the country you are visiting. Travel insurance, on the other hand, works on a worldwide network of medical service providers.

  • More importantly, unlike health insurance, many travel insurance plans come with a pre-existing condition waiver.

Travel Insurance Cover for Medical Emergencies

While travelling abroad, one become more vulnerable to illness and accidents. Medical emergency cover provides the insured the medical expenses incurred on surgery and treatment. It also covers the medical evacuation costs. Simply put, evacuation is getting the insured to the nearest medical facility where he/she can get a proper medical treatment. Evacuation insurance can prove to be a life saver at times.

Travel Insurance Cover for Existing Medical Conditions

For those with a pre-existing condition, there's a 4 years waiting period to bear before their health insurance starts covering them. In contrast, many travel insurance plans come with a waiver on pre-existing condition.

Travel Insurance Cover for Pregnancy

Getting covered becomes all the more significant when someone is pregnant. A travel insurance covers the medical costs incurred on untimely complications to an expecting mother. As soon-to-be parents, getting a travel insurance is the best thing to ensure peace of mind. Its only catch is that it covers the expecting mothers only up till 7 months of pregnancy.

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Having a rich experience in the travel insurance domain, we understand traveler's needs the best and hence we bring to you a choice of quotes from the leading insurers. Whether it's an earnestly planned business trip or a casual trip with friends, BeforeUFly has just the right cover for you!