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Beforeufly is a website to guide you to buy the best travel insurance and be safe while you fly to any destination across the world. With the best travel insurance you don't have to worry about anything and you can enjoy your trip tension free.

Helen Keller once quoted, life is either a great adventure or nothing. All of us gets exposed to high risks, at one time or other, such as when we indulge in an adventure sport or if our work needs us to visit one of the high risk countries. In such scenarios, it is better to be proactive and be prepared for the possible unfortunate outcomes rather than leaving yourself and your loved ones in a dire situation.

Travel Insurance Coverage for High Risk Countries

At times one's work demands him to travel to countries that are highly prone to risks such as political upheaval, terrorist attacks, economic turmoil, acts of war and so forth. While traveling to such risk prone countries, one should get a travel insurance cover to ensure the financial well being of self and the family.

Travel Insurance Insolvency Cover

The world is going through a rapid phase of economic and political transition. It is but just natural that the chances of service providers going insolvent have become thicker. So you should not be surprised if you get to discover that the airline, you just bought your return air ticket from, got bankrupt. An insolvency cover reimburses the insured such pre-paid expenses in cases of insolvency.

Travel Insurance to Cover Sports

Since you are reading this, it's most likely that you are all geared up for an adventure trip. But might we tell you, an adventure trip entails a lots of risks and it is only wise to get insured before you set off. The bitter fact is, the farther you go into world of adventure sports, the less likely you are to be given a decent cover by an insurer. Insurance companies design special travel insurance plans to cover extreme sports for adventure enthusiasts like you. There are many types of covers available for extreme sports. The key ones are:

  • Travel Insurance Cover Jet Skiing

  • Travel Insurance Cover Scuba Diving

  • Travel Insurance Cover Sky Diving

  • Travel Insurance Cover Bungee Jumping

  • Travel Insurance Cover River Rafting

Things to Remember:

  • Look for a comprehensive plan rather than saving premium

  • Get proper training from an authorized center with a good safety record

  • Do not neglect extreme sports safety tips

  • Avoid venturing out alone, rather accompany someone known

    Compare High Risk Travel Insurance Online 

To find a comprehensive adventure sports travel insurance policy, it is best to shop around and make a comparison between various options available. Login at BeforeUFly and start comparing the best plans for adventure sports in few simple steps.