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Beforeufly is a website to guide you to buy the best travel insurance and be safe while you fly to any destination across the world. With the best travel insurance you don't have to worry about anything and you can enjoy your trip tension free.

Just imagine, you spent big bucks to attend a 6 hrs management workshop in Amsterdam. You are all packed up and ready to make a move. And at the last moment you get to know that your flight got delayed. You end up missing it. See, how a seemingly simple delay can lead to a substantial loss. This is the grim reality, your vacation plans may ruin just at the last minutes due to unforeseen events.

In the meanwhile you had to incur expenses on food and accommodation. To make it all worse, the hours spent on waiting goes unproductive. Such are the plights of delay.

Travel Delay Cover

Travel insurance travel delay cover is comprehensive and covers the additional expenses a traveler had to incur on meals and accommodation, provided the delay is caused by a reason covered under the policy such as:

  • Travel delay due to weather - Hurricanes, storms, fog, snow and floods need no one's permission to arrive. One of such unforeseen weather elements can lead to travel delay. 
  • Travel delay due to illness – If at the last moment, you are caught by illness, you might have to postpone your trip or cancel it altogether.
  • Travel delay due to lost/stolen belongings - In case your checked bags do not arrive and you end up missing your flight, you have to take the subsequent flight leading to delay.

Airline is also supposed to pay the travelers a compensation for the delay. But the airline is not liable to pay for the delay caused by an act of god such as snow and bad weather. That is why you need a travel insurance delay cover.

Essentially, a trip delay cover reimburses the insured, the expenses made on meals and accommodation while catching up for the delay. The reimbursement is made according to a specific per day limit if your departure is delayed.

Compare Online

Owing to its immense benefits, travel delay cover is well worth the premium. Whether you are planning to travel domestically or internationally, we’ll help you find a travel insurance plan that’s perfectly tailored for your needs. No more waiting. Start comparing quotes and find the best deals at BeforeUFly.