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Currency can simply be defined as the most widely accepted medium of exchange for goods and services across the globe. Be it any country, currency is issued and circulated within the economy by the government. Currency comes in two forms, coins and paper notes.

Every country has its own official currency. Euro, US Dollar, Swiss Franc, Japanese Yen and Indian Rupee are some of the most popular forms of currency in the world. Every country has a graphical symbol for their currency which acts as a substitute for the name given to that particular currency. It gives a unique identity and value to the money flowing through various nations.

One cannot even think of setting off on a trip without having enough money at his disposal. Be it shopping, dining, sightseeing or other traveling expenses, nothing comes for free. Needless to say, you are supposed to carry the currency of the country you are visiting. The value of your own currency in terms of other country’s currency primarily depends on the currency exchange rates. Depending on your destination, your trip can turn out to be surprisingly affordable or impractically expensive.

Currency Value

Currency value differs from country to country. It acts as a benchmark to map your limit of expenses when moving on a trip. Value of currency fluctuates every day because it is directly related to the market. This fluctuation is determined on the basis of currency exchange where American dollar stands as the leader as it is bought by many countries. Indian currency value differs from one nation to other. Here is a table showing the latest exchange rates (as on July, 2013)

Currency INR

Currency INR
US Dollar 60.8
Canadian Dollar 58.7
Australian Dollar 54.1
Euro 80.3
Emirati Dirham 16.5
Swiss Franc 64.8
Chinese Yuan 9.9
Japanese Yen 0.6
Kuwaiti Dinar 213.7
South African Rand 6.1

Currency Symbols

Country/Region Currency Currency Symbol(s) Currency
UK Pound Sterling £ (pound) GBP
Japan Japanese Yen ¥ JPY
China Chinese Yuan (Renminbi) ¥ CNY
Eurozone Euro € (Euro), ¢ (Euro cent) EUR
USA Dollar $ (Dollar), ¢ (cent) USD
Norway Norwegian Kroner Kr NOK
Switzerland Swiss Franc Fr CHF