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Beforeufly is a website to guide you to buy the best travel insurance and be safe while you fly to any destination across the world. With the best travel insurance you don't have to worry about anything and you can enjoy your trip tension free.

Travel Guide - What’s the Need?

'TRIP' - a word buzzing excitement and making our hearts rush with happiness like the champagne cork ready to get removed. When planning to go on a tour, clouds of questions, thoughts, enthusiasm get hung over everyone. And here comes the real need of a ‘Travel Guide’ which educates you with the cultural and historical aspects of destinations worldwide. You don’t need to search for bookshops in order to purchase a Travel Guide or rush to any travel dealer anymore. Rather, you can just sit back and browse on internet for an online travel guide which will tell you everything you need to know about your dream destination to the littlest of details.

Plan Your Itinerary

Decide where you want to visit. If the place of visit is new to you, then a well planned itinerary can be your real walk stick. Map out your preferred attractions and create an evenly segregated time table for your trip. Proper travel planning can help you explore more in less time and make your trip worry-free and joyful.

Once you have decided upon your travel destination, decide how will you reach there. Simply put, what will be your mode of transportation. Wait no more, it’s time to get your stuff packed tight and get going!

Pack Your Bags

So, what’s in your bag pack? Before you start putting your stuff in your travel bag, just refer your traveler's guide and check the weather of your destination as it will save you from carrying useless things. Keep tickets, ID proofs and other travel related documents handy and don’t forget to carry your camera to capture some fabulous moments. Be it cash, snacks, clothes, toiletries, gadgets or medications, keep everything you need whether it's a 2 day outing or 2 weeks trip.

Now that you are done with your final checklist, it’s time to put on your travelling shoes and travel around.

Stop Worrying Start Exploring

Lighten up your heart and your pocket to experience a worry free tour. But in all this excitement don’t forget to have your travel insurance for a safe trip. is a platform for you to compare and purchase the best travel insurance depending on your specific travel needs. Not just that, at, we get you travel tips and advices to help you make the most of your trip.