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There is a secret passion in every one’s heart, and, do you know what is it? Yes, none other than travelling places around the world. The amalgamation of spellbinding nature’s beauty and conurbation cities is something that excites us to explore more every day. Whether for intricate experimentation or spending vivacious vacation, almost every individual goes through the fascinating phase of travelling. From Asian shrines to European night life, everything stores a new craze for itself. When planning, you might decide on different modes of transportation or think of visiting different places, and, there comes the real need of having a travelling guide.

So, here we are with a short and smart travel destination guide with finer details of place, weather, transportation and travel tips in order to make your trip safe and pleasurable:


From deserts and coral reefs to snow-cloaked mountains and tall trees, Australia witnesses a rich indigenous history and a vibrant multi-culture. Australia is the largest island and still the smallest continent on planet Earth. The startling combination of cosmopolitan cities and scenic beauty makes this destination tempting to visit and enjoy the vacation. The spectrum of colour ranging from red iconic sunset when driving the Great Ocean Road to vivid violet corals of Great Barrier Reef, Australia has so much to explore.


Mystical amalgamation of spirituality and science is known as Asia. It is land which sows holiness inculcated by deities of different religion, their teachings, their rules and regulations. Asia speaks of a unique frenetic in its diverse culture and eye-popping fashion. From snow capped mountains to vast and dry deserts; from sublime coastlines to Mekong River, it depicts a vibrancy that is truly enchanting. Asia is gifted with wonders of world i.e. – symbol of love ‘Taj Mahal’ and the Great Wall of China. The flavors and fragrance of Asian cuisine is popular around the globe and enough to excite your taste buds.


Europe is no less than an actress in a Shakespeare play. Sound! Party! Places! Food! Fun! All of it makes Europe one of the perfect continents to visit. The awestruck Europe is composed of momentous history of Athens and Rome, cutting-edge cultural hub London and Berlin as well as scenic beauty of France and Switzerland. Europe has that space which will make you rethink about the place and edit the image you carry in your brain. The splendid art, history, culture and entertainment makes Europe an ideal vacation for family, romantic getaway for couple and a great jaunt with friends.


The second largest continent, Africa is composed of 54 sovereign countries. It is surrounded by gigantic water bodies all around. The scenic beauty of breathtaking Africa, away from the noise and rush of cities, takes you in a state of mental peace. This incredible continent isn’t just about deserts, lakes or mountains; rather, it is about the vigorous people who love to laugh, sing and dance. The busy narrow streets, pleasing breeze under the palm trees of Indian Ocean and warm-heartedness of African people is enough to hold you from going back home.

North America

North America is an iconic continent boasting of undulating fields, soaring forests, dry deserts, off-beat oceans and pulsating conurbations. This place truly reflects art in its most pristine form. As a tourist, there’s so much this place has to offer - Museum of Modern Art in NY, film festivals, thriving music of Mexico, crags of Grand Canyon, undiscovered energetic beaches and slopes of Great White North. All set to take your breath away, North America offers a kaleidoscope of landscape, cultures, adventures, cuisines, landscapes and rich history.

South America

South America spreads a scintillating array of tranquil natural beauty be it the snowy peaks, unstoppable waterways, dry deserts, sun-kissed beaches, fresh blue glaciers or lush rainforests. It is an amazing place on earth to explore more of adventure activities whether it’s hiking or white-water rafting. Visiting South America is like entering in the world of great music and exceptional dance forms like salsa and tango. Simply plunge in reviving waves of South America to experience a joyful holiday.


Water, ice, snow, rock and penguins are the elements which define the incomparable and stunning Antarctica. Grandeur of nature, vastness of ice, heightening mountains and freezing temperature is what tempts people to visit this continent. The unafraid wildlife of Antarctica rarely gets a chance to meet humans. Alienated from city life, this peaceful landmass should be kept away from any sort of negative impact, in order to sustain its serene beauty.