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The mystical amalgamation of spirituality and science is known as Asia. It is land which sows holiness inculcated by deities of different religion, their teachings and philosophies. Asia speaks of a unique frenetic in its diverse culture and eye-popping fashion. From snow capped mountains to vast and dry deserts; from sublime coastlines to Mekong River, it depicts a vibrancy that is truly enchanting. Asia is gifted with two wonders of world, symbol of love ‘Taj Mahal’ and the Great Wall of China. The flavors and fragrances of Asian cuisine are popular around the globe and enough to excite your taste buds.

Talking about Asia and not mentioning its wildlife infested jungle would be a cheating, where the royal Bengal tiger still roars in the Sundarbans. From medieval to modern, everything comes together to form this mesmerizing continent. Boosting tourism, this place has many countries to visit in vacations with no space for boredom like Malaysia, Thailand, India, Myanmar, UAE etc. There’s so much to talk about Asia whether its weather, fashion, food, tradition, taboos or inventions.