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If someone gets to look back at the earth from the outer stretches of space, he would surely be dazzled by the sight of the vibrant Sydney.
Sydney, the pride of Australia, is considered to be the one of the most modern metropolitans on the globe. It promises to give you the best of nature & wildlife, art & architecture and culture & cuisine. This uber-cool city is adorned with miles and miles of sun soaked, scenic beaches.
Rightly known as harbour city, Sydney is defined by the glorious Sydney tower almost kissing the clouds and the beautiful Sydney harbour bridge with shining opera House in the backdrop.
Among many other things, Sydney is quite popular for its nightlife. Take your pick - hang out in the zesty bars and pubs or pick up a surfboard and ride with the wild waves or enjoy your tete-a-tete with the best delicacies. There’s no stop to what you can explore and experience in Sydney.

Places to Visit

Here are few of the amazing places to visit when going to Sydney –

Sydney Wildlife World & Taronga Zoo

Boasting of a rich flora and fauna, Sydney Wildlife World is a home to over a 1000 animals including the rarest of the species. Truly a treat for kids and kids-like-adults, wildlife world is inhabited by koalas and kangaroos and possums and wallabies and Tasmanian devil. Stepping here, you’ll feel like all the animals from Disney land have jumped into reality. Taronga Zoo is not any less magnificent. It is inhabited by big shots of wildlife - giraffes, gorillas, leopards and elephants. If you like to witness the wildlife out open in the wild, you can see flying foxes (bats) in the botanic gardens and whales near the pacific coast between Sydney and Brisbane.

Sydney Opera House

Designed to simply stun you, Sydney Opera House is the brightest gem in Sydney’s skyline. When you are done adoring its architecture, you are welcomed to indulge in a plethora of dining and cultural activities it offers.

Sydney Tower

Standing tall at 1,014 feet, Sydney Tower is the city’s tallest skyscraper. But here’s the real deal. You can take a 35-40 minutes tour on glass platforms giving you a bird eye view of the city. , Popularly known as skywalk, the experience is like walking on air 800 feet above the hustling streets of Sydney. Totally exhilarating and adventurous, it’s one of a kind tour that you just can’t afford to miss while you are in Sydney.

Sydney Harbour

Sydney harbour is considered to be one of the most splendid natural harbours on the planet. It is further adorned by the legendary Sydney harbour bridge, which is one of the tallest and longest bridges in the world.

Art Gallery of New South Wales

Be a witness to Australian, Asian and European art from the medieval period to the modern times. The gallery showcases richly diversified temporary and permanent art exhibitions. If you have a taste for art, you are in here for a treat.