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Welcome to the beautiful, staggering and diverse collection of wonders called the United States of America. From majestic landscapes to snow-covered mountains and the bright lights which block the entry of night, every aspect of USA is sure to drive you crazy for a visit. America is the mother of New York City, LA, Chicago, Miami, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Boston where each one is an apt synonym of party, entertainment, cuisine and culture. USA is a country with roads that never end and open skies to complement your mood of the day. It has fertile fields, red-rock deserts, lush rain forests, towering mountain peaks and much more for you to enjoy your marvelous American road trip.

This food-loving nation offers brilliant cuisine with mouth watering steaming plates of brisket, lobsters etc. with wine or pancakes. Apart from scintillating views, food and party, this nation has made a tremendous contribution to the world of arts with cities like New York and Chicago acting as out-and-out drawing boards. It has been an inventor of many music genres like hip-hop, jazz, country, rock and roll and funk.

Places to visit

This vivacious nation has so much to see and do. From all day shopping and nightlife to events and simply roaming around, USA is a big bank of fun which does not allow anyone to leave bore.
Here are some of the best places to visit –

Brooklyn Bridge

An icon in the book of New York, Brooklyn Bridge was the world’s first steel suspension bridge. This gigantic piece turned out to be an example of urban design and an inspiration for various other people like painters and write.

Niagra Falls

Niagra Falls is 12000 year old falls that bestride the Canada-US border which has various look-out points that provide bird’s eye views. Accessible by both countries, Niagra falls are great to visit via boat which offers an amazing experience of watching nature closely and enjoying the huge pressure of this vast waterfall.

The White House

White house is president’s official residence and can be visited by citizens of foreign counties by submitting a request. Once the request is cleared, you can go on a guided visited if the embassy which is offered by D.C. Tours on everyday basis except Sunday and Monday.


Disneyland is a word which drives us into a fantasy world even after 50 years of park’s creation. The land is divided according to various themes showcasing different rides and source of entertainment. The electric parade and night-time laser light show are worth coming here and accomplishing the visit.

Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach is just another name to pure perfection which showcases a gorgeous living. Walk-streets are bordered by bougainvillea adding the perfect charm to the classy beachside cottages, surfers surfing while the sunsets, friendly environment with no annoying sounds or activities. Everything is like a gorgeous dream coming for true.