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Beforeufly is a website to guide you to buy the best travel insurance and be safe while you fly to any destination across the world. With the best travel insurance you don't have to worry about anything and you can enjoy your trip tension free.

In today's age of globalization, students can fulfill their career aspirations by pursuing education at any corner of the world. While flying off for studying abroad, getting a student travel insurance is surely the last thing on a student's mind. But quite contrary, a student needs travel insurance more than anyone else, as they have a limited budget and dependent source of money, making it difficult for them to financially replace their loss. As a student, even if you are heading to a summer trip abroad, you must get a student overseas travel insurance first.

Key Features:

The best student travel insurance plans features the best of both medical insurance and regular travel insurance. Travel insurance for students is more comprehensive than regular travel insurance policies and includes dental treatment, mental and nervous disorders and maternity cover. Its key features are:

  • Medical and non-medical expenses

  • Dental treatment

  • Mental and nervous disorders

  • Loss of baggage

  • Loss of passport

  • Medical expenses

  • Trip cancellation

  • Emergency cash

  • Personal liability

  • Accidental death and disability

  • Maternity cover

  • Repatriation


Student travel medical insurance provides timely financial support in times of medical contingencies abroad. The travel insurance for students offer quite a wide coverage. However, it does not include the expenses incurred on pre-existing conditions, suicide attempts, self inflicted injuries, acts of war/terrorism, non-adherence to medical advice, HIV/AIDS, involvement in criminal acts, drugs/alcohol influence and participation in hazardous activities.


Any Indian resident planning to study abroad can apply for student travel insurance. The eligibility age can be anywhere between 18 months and 35 years and varies from plan to plan. The coverage given to you depends on various factors such as your medical conditions, the course you are pursuing, the duration of your course and the university you are going to study in.

Make an Online Comparison

At BeforeUFly, we strive to provide best deals on travel insurance for students studying abroad. All you need to do is login and start comparing quotes on the best student travel medical insurance.