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Visa – An Overview

A Visa is an important travel document. Visa is a permission given by immigration official at the time of entry to a territory. This document shows various conditions of stay such as period of stay, the visa is valid for one visit or more, validity dates etc. Every country have their own visa policy and visa fee. There are few countries which do no require visa for some situations. A Visa application includes applicant's financial status, reason for applying Visa and details of any previous visits to the country. In some countries a person might have to take an exit visa to leave the territory.

Types Of Visas:

The most commonly used visas are:

Tourist Visa - This visa is given for leisure travel and you cannot perform any business activity. This visa is given for limited period.

Visitor Visa – This is a non-immigrant visa. This visa can be applied for any reason like business, medical treatment or pleasure.

Business Visa – This visa is given to those who enter the country to do business.

Cultural Visa – This visa is given to those who enter the country to perform social-cultural activities.

Sport Visa - Sports immigration visa is given to sports people who travel in different countries to participate in sporting activities.

Official Visit Visa – Official visit visa is granted to government or foreign official to enter the country for official work.

Student Visa – This visa is required to study abroad.

Transit Visa – Temporary short period visa. This visa is required if you are stopping in a country while traveling to another country. This visa is valid for several hours to maximum of 10 days.

Work Visa – Work permit or employment visa is given to person who work in foreign contries.

Schengen Visa – Traveling to member countries using one single visa.

Medical Visa – Person seeking medical treatment abroad needs to apply for medical visa.

Visa Extension

Many Countries have this facility to extend the visa if the person is willing to stay for some more time in the foreign country. Visa extensions also do have limits and the visa may be only extended once. Immigration officers can also cancel the visa in some circumstances and not allow visa extension for short term visas.

Visa Refusals

Visa application may be rejected for several reasons. Some of them are like if the person is having crime record and he/she is a threat to national security, Fraud identity given in the visa application, does not have travel medical insurance, applying visa on short notice, has infectious disease, if the passport is expiring soon, does not have any particular reason to travel abroad etc.

Visa Exemption

In some countries you might not apply for visa and have a visa free entry. These countries have reciprocal agreements in which it is stated that visa is not required under which condition. For example tourism visa for short visit. Citizens like European Union member, Gulf cooperation council citizen, citizens of members of theEconomic Community of West African States can visit other countries, also like Nepal and India allow their citizens to enter each others country etc.

Exit Visa

Exit visa is the permit given for leaving the country and going back to your own country. Some countries need exit visa from the visitors at the time of leaving the country.