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Schengen Area refers to a group of 26 countries in European continent that entered into a treaty in 1995 agreeing on a common visa policy at their borders. Once you get Schengen visa, you are free to enter and exit any country within Schengen area just like you would move from one state to another in a country.

If you are planning to visit multiple countries, the Schengen visa is to be applied for, at the diplomatic mission of that country which is your main destination. Simply put, at the mission of the country where you intend to stay the longest of your trip duration. If you plan to stay in all the countries at an equal length, you must apply at the mission of the the first Schengen country you plan to enter. Schengen visas can be issued for up to a maximum of 90 days. For multi-trips, it is issued for a max of 90 days within 6 months, implying that you can enter and exit the Schengen area 'n' number of times for 6 months but the total number of days of stay should not be more than 90 days.

Schengen Visa Documents Requirements for Indians

Documents required while applying for a Schengen visa include:

  • Non-immigrant visa application – It should be duly filled and signed. One should fill the form truthfully and with great care

  • Passport – The passport should contain at least one blank visa page and must be valid beyond the returning date of your trip. This validity may differ but is usually not less than 3 months.

  • Two passport size colored photographs

  • Applicant also needs to specify the purpose of the trip

  • Mention the intent to depart the country after your trip

  • Supporting documents to prove that you have sufficient funds to pay for your expenses while in the Schengen area

  • Some countries make it legally mandatory for the applicant to get a travel insurance as a preliminary requirement for getting a visa