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A student visa is designed for Indian students who aspire to pursue their higher education at one of the recognized universities abroad.

A student visa is usually a single entry visa that permits the student to enter the country just once. So if a student wishes to visit his homeland in between the course, he have to apply for a re-entry visa. The validity period of a student visa depends primarily on the duration of the course.

Documents Required for a Student Visa

Documents required while applying for a student visa include:

  • Non-immigrant visa application – It should be filled and signed by the applicant, correctly, completely and carefully

  • Admission letter from the university

  • Passport – The passport should contain at least one blank visa page and must be valid beyond the returning date of your trip. This validity may differ but is usually not less than 3 months.

  • Two passport size colored photographs

  • Applicant also needs to specify the nature of business for which he needs the visa

  • Mention the intent to depart the country after your trip

  • Supporting documents to prove your financial ability to self sustain during your visit

  • Some countries make it legally mandatory for the applicant to get a travel insurance as a preliminary requirement for getting a student visa

Some countries like US and UK needs the students to qualify in an academic/language ability assessment before they can apply for the visa. For some technical and professional courses, the student might need to sign a bond with the Indian government to return to the country once the course is over.