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In this age of globalization, your work might take you places. Work Visa is granted to those persons who are looking to work abroad on a temporary basis. A work visa is applicable for skilled workers, unskilled workers, professionals, special immigrants, highly qualified professionals and persons with special abilities.

There is no fixed eligibility criteria for getting a work visa. Instead, it primarily depends on your profession and the country you are visiting to work in. Some countries need the applicant to apply for a temporary resident visa along with a work visa. The validity of a work visa is decided on the basis of the tenure of the employment contract.

Documents Required for a Work Visa

Documents required while applying for a work visa include:

  • Non-immigrant visa application – It should be duly filled and signed by the applicant with correct and complete details

  • Appointment letter by the employer

  • Employment contract

  • If the applicant is a self-employed professional like a doctor or a lawyer, he would need to present a valid license to practice in the country he's visiting

  • Passport – The passport should contain at least one blank visa page and must be valid beyond the returning date of your trip. This validity may differ but is usually not less than 3 months.

  • Two passport size colored photographs

  • Mention the intent to depart the country after your trip

  • Supporting documents to prove your financial ability to self sustain during your visit

  • Some countries make it legally mandatory for the applicant to get a travel insurance as a preliminary requirement for getting a visa